Iron Maiden’s Prop Plane Malfunctions at Massachusetts Show

Iron Maiden’s Prop Plane Malfunctions at Massachusetts Show

Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t supposed to be perfect. Technology may be advancing exponentially in 2022, but mistakes are still inevitable. This was proven true as legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden experienced a prop mishap at their concert at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts on Monday night.

Iron Maiden usually closes their set with a performance of their 1984 hit Aces High while a life-size inflatable replica of the World War II Aircraft called Spitfire flies above the band. The plane is just one of the many theatrical elements of their concerts as audience members will also experience sword fighting, a giant “Eddie” mascot, and flamethrowers. However, at this show Spitfire got stuck on its way towards the front of the stage and its wings failed to extend. To prevent any other malfunctions, crew members deflated the massive prop and hid it from the audience’s view.

With typical heavy metal spirit, the simple mishap could not ruin the show and the crowd was as stoked as ever to see the deflating of Spitfire.

Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast World Tour is continuing and will finish up in Tampa, Florida on October 27th. They won’t be away for long though as the band will then begin their Future Past Tour in June 2023.


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