30 Years Ago: Radiohead Releases Their Debut Studio Album

30 Years Ago: Radiohead Releases Their Debut Studio Album

It was exactly 30 years ago from today that English rock band Raidohead threw themselves on the ’90s map and set the tone for what the decade would entail. On February 22nd 1993, Radiohead released their iconic album Pablo Honey and showed the world what they were about.

Stop Whispering, Anyone Can Play Guitar, and the massive hit single Creep were some of the iconic Radiohead songs that made up Pablo Honey. Although the record was certified platinum int he US by 1995, the band members did not care nearly as much as their fans for Pablo Honey. In fact, Creep, Radiohead’s most successful single, was one of the band’s least favorite songs. They specifically referred to the song as a “throwaway” when they recorded it.

It’s difficult to sum up Pablo Honey in one category as it features elements of alternative rock, grunge, and even prog rock. What we do know is that Pablo Honey proved Radiohead was about to make a huge impact in the 1990s and beyond.

To celebrate Pablo Honey’s 30th birthday, check out this incredible footage of Radiohead performing Creep live here:


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