Paul McCartney Reportedly Recording New Music with The Rolling Stones

Paul McCartney Reportedly Recording New Music with The Rolling Stones

25th August 1967: Paul McCartney of the Beatles and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones sit opposite each other on a train at Euston Station, waiting for departure to Bangor. (Photo by Victor Blackman/Express/Getty Images)

Photo by Getty Images

Since the early 1960s, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have stood at the top of rock and roll accomplishments. While there have been moments that may have pinned the two British Invasion bands as rivals, the groups have always been friendly. Fans of The Stones and The Beatles have longed for the legendary band members to come together and create some magic. Well, that moment might finally be happening after decades of hoping.

This week Variety cited several sources that claimed Paul McCartney “has recorded bass parts for a forthcoming Rolling Stones project being helmed by 2021 Grammy producer of the year Andrew Watt.” Turns out, Paul might not even be the only Beatle to contribute to the record. Ringo Starr is also rumored to be a part of the collaboration!

“Recording sessions took place in Los Angeles in recent weeks and, while it’s unclear which tracks will make the final cut — or whether McCartney and Starr would end up on the same song — the album’s production is nearing the mixing phase.”

We are so excited to hear The Rolling Stones’ upcoming record and find out who truly is a part of it.


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