2024 KLOS Blood Drive

2024 KLOS Blood Drive

The American Red Cross and KLOS are partnering again for the 43nd Annual 95.5 KLOS Blood Drive on Friday, August 2nd, and Saturday, August 3rd, at several locations throughout Southern California. 

The blood products collected at this blood drive will help treat kids battling cancer, accident victims being rushed to emergency rooms, individuals experiencing extreme sickle cell disease pain, and patients with complicated childbirths. As a thank-you, all presenting donors will also receive a limited-edition, commemorative 2024 95.5 KLOS Blood Drive T-shirt, and other goodies while supplies last.

We need you, KLOS listeners! The Red Cross is experiencing a severe blood shortage as the number of trauma cases, organ transplants, and elective surgeries rise – and deplete the nation’s blood inventory. There is great hospital demand for blood as patients who previously deferred care during the COVID-19 pandemic and are now scheduled for surgeries. Hospitals are also responding to an atypically high number of traumas and emergency room visits. KLOS listeners can help by donating blood to help ensure hospital patients receive the blood products they need. Blood is perishable and cannot be manufactured or stockpiled—it can only come from generous donors like KLOS listeners rolling up a sleeve to help. An hour of your time this summer can truly help save a life.

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