Marci Wiser

Marci Wiser

Marci has done a tour of radio duty that stretches from Los Angeles to Manhattan, from D.C. to Seattle, and a bunch of other points in-between. She grew up in the Midwest with her big personality and loud music and after being discovered on a college radio station, the rest, as they say, is history.

Marci is obsessed with Dave Grohl, she’s addicted to “Law & Order” reruns and Smart Water, and she suffers from misophonia, which means certain sounds and words drive her up the wall and back. Note of caution: When around Marci, don’t blow your nose, sneeze or utter the words snack, moist or ribbon, You’ve been warned.

When she’s not hanging out at The Rock of Southern California, you can find her at clubs, theaters, parks, mountains and the beach.


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