City/State:Peoria Heights, IL

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 125 pounds of muscle

Eye Color: Blue

Stats (bust – waist – hips) 32-26-35

How did you get started in modeling? I was approached by a very good local photographer named Chris keeling and poked and prodded by my friends!

What are your goals/ambitions? To be living by a beach with my beautiful (future) husky working as a model and massage therapist!

Any turn ons? A man that can dress, intelligence, modest in public, works out, other… Things ;)

Any turn offs? A man that acts like a child and has no goals. No sense of style. Doesn’t work out.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to? Marilyn Manson and Ron zombie tour!!!!!

What’s the boyfriend (or girlfriend) status? Single

What’s your favorite sport or team? I honestly do not follow sports but I don’t mind sitting and watching with the guys if they make it exciting! And if food is around.

Hobbies? What keeps a lady like you busy? The gym!!! I’m a complete gym rat!

What kind of music/bands are you into? The Weeknd is my favorite at the moment :) Marilyn Manson, rob zombie, jack Johnson, journey, AC/DC.. And many more!

What do you do for fun on a Saturday night? Usually I’m a nerd and I go to the gym while its empty but you can sometimes find me at the bars!

Worst pick up line someone has used on you? Did it work? It’s too inappropriate to share.. But I’ll tell you guys! “Want a shot? I may be ugly but I eat good p****” didn’t work.

What projects are you currently working on? It’s a secret

Have you ever been hit on by a celebrity? I’ve had maybe two but I’m not about to drop names. Haha, I don’t get to meet many :/

What kinds of things would you like to see in your future? I want to see my goals accomplished and a healthy/happy brittni!! And my face on the wall at American eagle, etc…

Ever have a rock star / celebrity hit on you? Who? hahaha my lips are sealed ;)

Your favorite movie? How could a guy take you to one? dazed and confused, any horror film, classic Disney movies :)


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