City/State: Minneapolis, MN

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 110 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Stats: 34-24-34

How did you get started in modeling? I was approached at the gym during my work out!

What are your goals and ambitions? I am currently in law school and working two jobs, my goals are to graduate with my bachelors degree as a paralegal, and work for a criminal law firm, as well as improving my fitness goals

Any turn ons? Hardworking, Rockin Bod

Any turn offs? Living in Momma’s basement.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to? The Share the Welt Tour with Fiver Finger Death Punch, All That Remains and HateBreed concert! Was unreal!

What’s the boyfriend (or girlfriend) status? Boyfriend

What’s your favorite sports team? As embarrassing as this sounds, I gotta stick up for my home state Vikings!

Hobbies? What keeps a lady like you busy? I work two jobs, and in law school. I got to the gym daily. Also modeling promos on the side!

Which do you prefer and why? Boy shorts, thongs, granny panties or are you the adventurous type that goes COMMANDO? Depends on the day or occasion ;)

What kind of bands/music are you into? My all time favorite band is Rise Against.

What do you do for fun on a Saturday night? I love to have a good time out, and drink/dance. But there are nights you’ll find me at the gym on a Saturday night, even if i’m only one of the four there!

Worst pick up line someone has used on you? Did it work? I lost my teddy, can I sleep with you tonight?

Ever had a rock star/celebrity hit on you? Who? Zoltan from Five Finger Death Punch, complete eye sex during a concert ;)

What projects are you currently working on? Getting myself educated, schooling for my bachelors degree. My gym goals, and promotional modeling.


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