Rush Performs ‘Losing It’ In Concert For the First Time Ever

Rush Performs ‘Losing It’ In Concert  For the First Time Ever

Rush proved that expected hits on the set list are a thing of the past as they debuted their first-ever live performance of “Losing It” in Toronto on June 19.

The band performed their song from their 1982 Signals LP for the first time in the second show of two back-to-back dates in Toronto on the group’s R40 Tour.

“Losing It”, which was never a single, has been a coveted song by Rush fans who had hoped that they might hear the song performed live back in 2012-13 tour. One fan, who goes by the Analog Kid online, posted his tribute titled ” Five Rush Songs That Have Never Been Played Live” which generated the response “I watched it live via Periscope, and I cried like a little baby. We truly live in a remarkable world, my friends.”

Joining them on electric violin was Ben Mink, who also played on Signals — and whose subsequent career credits boast production duties for a lengthy list of acts that includes k.d. lang and Barenaked Ladies.

The performance of “Losing It” joins the handful of songs that Rush have only performed once. With more dates stemming out to August 1, fans have several opportunities to hear Rush perform their rarely played, or even never played songs from the vaults.

Fan Video of \'Losing It\' Performance


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