Joe Elliott On The Glue That Has Kept The Band Together Nearly Four Decades

Joe Elliott On The Glue That Has Kept The Band Together Nearly Four Decades


DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott recently spoke to the “BBC Breakfast” show about the glue that has kept the band together for nearly four decades. He said: “I think the essential thing is that we’re always… so far… You never know, it could all end tomorrow. But so far, we’ve all been on the same page. Musically, we all know what we want, we all agree on… We disagree on a lot of things, but it’s normally who’s got the remote for the telly and stuff. But musically, we’ve always been on the same page. And we’ve always found out, a lot of things that split bands up, we let it ride out. If somebody is in a bit of a funk or a bad mood, you just [go], ‘Leave him alone.’ And three weeks later, it just goes away. Sometimes [it takes three weeks], [and other times] it takes three minutes. When you’ve been around for 38 years, three weeks is the blink of the eye; it’s no big deal. I think it’s just a case of having mutual respect for each other as musicians. And the fact that we all came from these working-class backgrounds. There is an element of, like, ‘Don’t let this go.’ Because you don’t wanna end up working back down the pit or in the factory, or wherever you came from. It’s our passion – it really is – so that makes it easy.”

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