KLOS (SOLD OUT) Sabroso Taco & Music Festival Recap

KLOS (SOLD OUT) Sabroso Taco & Music Festival Recap

The KLOS (SOLD OUT) Sabroso Taco & Music Festival
Doheny State Beach
Dana Point, California

April 8, 2017

Writing and Photography by TourBusLive.com

He ate 159 tacos in 10 minutes!  ONE HUNDRED FIFTY NINE!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I’ve never witnessed such a thing, but the infamous king of the competitive-eating world TAKERU KOBAYASHI – pink and blue glitter hair and all – downed 159 tacos in 10 minute for the Chronic Taco / Gringo Bandito Taco Eating Challenge– followed closely by the second-place winner, MOLLY SCHUYLER (who downed 139 of the tiny street fair delights – an admirable feat, for sure).  ALL OF THOSE IN JUST TEN MINUTES.  It was mesmerizing, albeit a little hard to, shall I say, swallow. Taking our minds off the somewhat hard-to-watch and, frankly, fairly messy proceedings, on hand (as part of the Chronic Taco team) was WEE-MAN from the JACKASS franchise!  He was having a blast posing for photos with his fans, signing autographs, and handing out the trophies for the big winners of this unbelievable taco-eating-contest! 

But the big taco-eating contest wasn’t the only thing on tap for the SOLD OUT crowd of 8,500 people ready to party at the fourth annual SABROSO Taco & Music Festival this Saturday – packs of local CRAFT BEER makers were in attendance (patrons got free tasters from petite KEEPSAKE SHOT-SIZE CHALICES that came with their tickets) and loads of local TACO VENDORS were on hand to feed the masses.     

Seen throughout the day enjoying the festivities (and the brews!) along the beach-side park – out mingling with their fans – were KLOS DJs FROSTY, HEIDI, and FRANK, as well as the FNF show’s ERIK and SAMMI (who had at one point donned an awesome Lucha Libre mask, but who never wore it on stage, however we did learn about her Chubby Bunny super cheek power – good on you, Sammi!).  Also in attendance and having fun with the crowd were long-time KLOS on-air personality FRAZER SMITH, the ever-awesome FULL METAL JACKIE, Horn’s Up’s  STEW HERRERA, the always-fun  JIM “JD” DANIELS, and Sunday’s lovely FRANKIE DIVITA. 

BEACH SIDE throughout the day were LUCHA LIBRE WRESTLERS in a series of THRE PRELIMINARY MATCHES and ONE TITLE MATCH!  Fans were THRILLED by the acrobatic assaults and huge moves put on by these nearly-unbeatable entertainers and athletes!  What a thrill to watch them up close!

And, of course, there was the MUSIC – a real-deal MARIACHI BAND strolled the festival grounds to begin the day – but shortly after 1 p.m., the stage was set and the place exploded with the first of the day’s line up – KLOS contest winners FUSED BY DEFIANCE (whose singer jumped OVER the pit full of photographers at one point!).  Keeping the crowd ON THEIR FEET (or moshing in the pit!) was the next band, the unique and totally awesome METALACHI – a band who told me they are made up of five family members – four brothers and one sister-in-law – all in costumes that resembled everything from punk to hair-band to the demon from KISS, they use traditional Mariachi instruments (aside from the one electric guitar) and play Mariachi-style, but they cover, as their name suggests, METAL music!  We were treated to Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” and Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”, just to name a couple.   After that, Poway, California’s UNWRITTEN LAW took the stage and set the crowd on fire!  I think I saw more feet in the air on that part of the show than in any other, unless you count OC’s own LIT – who took the stage next, playing a really great set (what an awesome band!) that included hits “My Own Worst Enemy”, “Last Time Again”, and “Miserable”!  Hard to believe it, but then the music was turned up ANOTHER notch with Long Beach, California’s own RIVAL SONS – a hard-hitting rock band that screams nothing shy of true talent.  Shortly after the set began, singer Jay Buchanan kicked off his shoes and belted out one amazing song after another, opening with the great “Electric Man” and later belting out the great song “Pressure Time”.  Following that, Canadian band SUM 41 took the stage – and quite an elaborate stage at that!  Reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s THE WALL stage, they brought their best to an energetic set including their hit “Fat Lip”!  And capping off this EPIC day full of great music was the OC’s own THE OFFSPRING – whose hits “Self Esteem” and “Come Out and Play” made everyone sing along at the top of their lungs.

And good thing the night was over at that point – because we heard that they RAN OUT OF BEER.

UNTIL WE SEE YOU NEXT TIME, SABROSO – COME MÁS TACOS!   Like 159 of them, if you dare!

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