Photos: KLOS Presents Sabroso Taco Fest

Photos: KLOS Presents Sabroso Taco Fest

He ate 159 tacos in 10 minutes!  ONE HUNDRED FIFTY NINE!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I’ve never witnessed such a thing, but the infamous king of the competitive-eating world TAKERU KOBAYASHI – pink and blue glitter hair and all – downed 159 tacos in 10 minute for the Chronic Taco / Gringo Bandito Taco Eating Challenge– followed closely by the second-place winner, MOLLY SCHUYLER (who downed 139 of the tiny street fair delights – an admirable feat, for sure).  ALL OF THOSE IN JUST TEN MINUTES.  It was mesmerizing, albeit a little hard to, shall I say, swallow. Read the full recap HERE

To see video from Sabros CLICK HERE


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