Name and shame – six great bands who hate their own crappy name

Name and shame – six great bands who hate their own crappy name

 What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot, really. A band name is one of the first decisions any budding young group has to come to and – as some very famous musicians will gladly tell you – there’s a whole load of fuck-up potential.

Take Jimmy Eat World, for example, who spent this past weekend lamenting their decidedly dodgy choice of band name. “Advice for new bands: When coming up with a band name, make sure it’s acronym displayed really large on your artwork or t shirts won’t be complicating matters. You’re welcome,” tweeted the band whose acronym is… right, yep. Probably worth a bit of a re-think, that one.

The Twitter explanation went on to describe how, in February 1994, the band spent a grand total of “less than 5 min, no shit,” hastily coming up with a band name “so we could play this dumb ass party.” Shocker, mates. Hope you at least got a party bag. “So moral of the story: even seemingly small and insignificant decisions can be much bigger than you could imagine. Slow down sometimes and make sure it’s right,” they offered, wisely – advice that a bunch of other big-hitters would do well to heed. Below, we’ve rounded up a bunch of other bands who regret their choice of name. Learn from their mistakes, dear reader. MORE



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