KLOS MASH PIT DJ PAUL V. – September 21, 2018

KLOS MASH PIT DJ PAUL V. – September 21, 2018

Led Zeppelin – The Ocean
Jane’s Addiction – Ocean Size

The Temptations vs. Rolling Stones – Street Confusion (Go Home Productions)

Foreigner vs. Empire Of The Sun – We Are The Urgent People (Sharhar Varshal)

Guns ’N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine (MacDoctor remix)

Foo Fighters – Rope (Deadmau5 remix)

Rare Earth – I Just Want To Celebrate

David Bowie – Fame

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Nirvana vs. Marvin Gaye – About A Grapevine (The Captain)

The Beatles – Revolution (Fort Knox Five remix)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away (Illegal Content remix)

The Stooges vs. Blur – Dog 2 (DJ Schmolli)

Aerosmith – Sick As A Dog

Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing (Culture Shock remix)

The Raspberries – Go All The Way (Digital Visions remix)

Judas Priest – Living After Midnight

Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show

The Who vs. Black Sabbath – Who Is Paranoid (Bill McClintock)

Genesis – Turn It On Again

Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Boogie Hill Faders remix)

Santana – Evil Ways (The Captain remix)

Ozzy Osbourne – Flying High Again

Blue Cheer vs. Queens Of The Stoneage – Regular Blues (ToTom)

AC/DC – Shoot To Thrill (Digital Visions remix)

Stone Temple Pilots – Plush (DJ Paul V. remix)

The Allman Brothers – Midnight Rider (Boogie Hill Faders remix)

Oasis – Wonderwall

Faith No More vs. AC/DC – Epic In Black (DJ Prince)

Rob Zombie – Blitzkrieg Bop

T-Rex – Jeepster (Dusk mix)

Green Day – Welcome To Paradise

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell (Crystal Method remix)

The Doors – Break On Through (DJ Paul V. mix)

Elvis Presley – Blue Suede Shoes (Viva Elvis remix)

Ithaca Audio – The History Of Rock, Pt. 1

INXS – New Sensation (As Seen On TV remix)

Alice Cooper vs. Placebo – Bitter Eighteen (Luca Rubino)

Pearl Jam – Alive (Select mix)

Nine Inch Nails – Closer (Select mix)

Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla (Select mix)

Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Pendulum remix)




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