Robby Krieger Launches Search For His Guitar

Robby Krieger Launches Search For His Guitar

American rock band The Doors perform at the Ondine Club in New York City, November 1966. From left to right, keyboard player Ray Manzarek, singer Jim Morrison and guitarist Robby Krieger. (Photo by Don Paulsen/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Photo by: Michael Ochs/Getty Images

Robby Krieger, original guitarist for legendary 1960s rock band The Doors, has racked up quite an instrumental collection throughout the past decades. However, the quantity hasn’t overshadowed the significance of the first guitar he ever owned – a red Gibson SG Special – which he used to audition for The Doors, write the iconic song “Light My Fire,” and record the first two albums. Unfortunately, the meaningful guitar was stolen from The Doors’ rehearsal room many years ago.

Although it seems like a lifetime later, Krieger is now on a mission to find the guitar and is offering a hefty reward for anyone who returns it. The following message was posted on the musician’s social media:

“CALLING ALL GUITARISTS! Robby Krieger is hoping you can help him find his first guitar! Robby’s iconic red Gibson SG Special was the guitar he used to audition for The Doors, to write “Light My Fire,” and to record the first two Doors albums.Tragically, it went missing many years ago. But hopefully you can help! If you have a ’63 or ’64 Gibson SG Special, check the back of the neck for serial number 952727. You might have Robby’s guitar!If you find it, and it can be authenticated, we will buy the guitar from you, and will also give you an exclusive hand-signed Gibson SG hand-painted by Robby Krieger, along with an autographed copy of his new book, SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE.Think you’ve got the guitar? Email us at: [email protected]””

Watch Robby’s video here:


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