40 Years Ago: Iron Maiden Releases “The Number Of The Beast”

40 Years Ago: Iron Maiden Releases “The Number Of The Beast”

On March 22nd, 1982 heavy metal history was made when Iron Maiden released one of their most memorable albums of all time The Number Of The Beast. The record introduced their new frontman Bruce Dickinson who brought his soaring falsetto vocals to the genre. It would also be the final album of Iron Maiden’s to feature drummer Clive Burr. The title track and Run To The Hills from The Number Of The Beast would go on to be considered two of the most iconic heavy metal songs in history.

Although the album is well-known throughout the world, here are some fun facts about The Number Of The Beast that you might not have heard before:

  1. Dickinson was still under contractual obligations with his previous band Samson so he could not legally take part in songwriting. Instead he offered what he called “moral contributions.”
  2. The recording and mixing of the record took only 5 weeks.
  3. Strange incidents occurred during the album’s production including equipment breaking and lights flickering frequently. Some believed the record was cursed because of its occult themes.
  4. The name “The Number Of The Beast” was inspired by a nightmare experienced by bassist Steve Harris.
  5. The album faced severe opposition, especially by social conservatives. The band was accused of being Satanists so many religious groups would smash the album with hammers. They refused to burn The Number Of The Beast in fear of inhaling evil fumes from the album. Iron Maiden faced many boycotts and public demonstrations when they embarked upon The Beast on The Road Tour.

Watch Iron Maiden’s music video for Run To The Hills here:


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