40 Years Ago: ZZ Top Releases “Eliminator”

40 Years Ago: ZZ Top Releases “Eliminator”

On March 23rd, 1983, ZZ Top debuted their adaptation to the modern music world when they released their 8th studio album Eliminator.

Prior to Eliminator, the trio had been performing blues-based boogie music in the classic Texas style since they formed in Houston in 1969. They gained decent success in America during their first decade as a band, but the tides completely changed with Eliminator. The album saw the band move from their blues-based style to an up-tempo sound utilizing synth machines which were growing in popularity during the early 1980s. With classic hits like Legs, Gimme All Your Lovin’, and Sharped Dress Man, ZZ Top had officially become global superstars.

While the songs on Eliminator actually didn’t chart extremely high, it was the visuals that really put ZZ Top on the map for all generations. During the Golden Age of MTV, ZZ Top released a series of music videos to coincide with the record. Each video (Legs, Gimme All Your Lovin’, and Sharped Dress Man) showcased cars, girls, and rock & roll which is what ZZ Top would forever represent.

Celebrate the 40th birthday of ZZ Top’s Eliminator by giving it a spin and watching these classic music videos:


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