First Day Of Summer Songs

First Day Of Summer Songs

English singer Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin seated left on a surf board with Led Zeppelin road manager Richard Cole in the ocean off Honolulu, Hawaii on 12th May 1969. (Photo by Robert Knight Archive/Redferns)

(Robert Plant surfing with Led Zeppelin manager Richard Cole in Hawaii; Photo by Getty Images)

June 21st marks the official start of the summer season! The temperature is getting higher, skies are getting clearer, and the music is getting even hotter. So yesterday on Marci’s Boot Camp we played all songs relating to summer and the heat.

If you missed the set yesterday, you can catch our Summer Solstice playlist here. You’ll hear from Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, Van Halen, Weezer, and much more singing about the sunny season!

Listen here and catch Marci’s Boot Camp every weekday at noon!


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