57 Minutes with Matt Pinfield

57 Minutes with Matt Pinfield

Jimmy Alvarez Sits Down with the KLOS In-House Legend for Industry Report #13

[Via ocmusicnews.com]

There are a lot of crazy things going on in the world today, more so than in recent memory. One thing that does not seem to change is how music has the ability to identify who we are as people. Maybe music doesn’t always define a person, but it remains a big part of who we are.

For this segment of the Industry Report, we will go beyond the music to tell a story of how music is life and saves lives. There is no better example of this than Matt Pinfield.

Sure, we know Pinfield from his days as host of MTV’s “120 Minutes,” or from his lifetime of working in the music industry, or even the feature film “D.O.A.,” locally he is the host of “New & Approved” at KLOS.

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