Matt Speaks With Tim Montana On New & Approved

Matt Speaks With Tim Montana On New & Approved

For the past few years, Tim Montana has been taking the rock world by storm. His latest single “Devil You Know” has been played on KLOS frequently. For this episode of “New & Approved,” Tim speaks with Matt Pinfield all about everything he has been up to in music.

Tim Montana tells Matt about his unique childhood growing up in Montana. Living off the grid, Tim’s family didn’t always have electricity, so he taught himself how to play guitar under candlelight when he was six years old. From there, he was obsessed with music.

We also learn about how Tim connected with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, who he has co-written multiple songs with. He also discusses how he met and played with Dave Grohl, drummer of one of his favorite bands as he was growing up.

Matt asks Tim about his future plans, and we learn he has a lot up his sleeve which we will soon hear. Keep up with Tim Montana here: Tim Montana

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