ArcLight Cinemas was created by people who love the movies and ArcLight is opening a new location on May 1st, in Culver City and ArcLight is partnering with KLOS to celebrate the big day. ArcLight Cinemas is giving away a Lifetime Pass to Los Angeles movie lovers in the #MyArcLight Contest and KLOS fans are invited to enter.

Just recreate in a photograph, a scene from a favorite movie. Then, using #myarclight, send the photo via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Anyone can enter. It’s fun and it’s easy. Heidi & Frank are creating their own pictures. Check them out here.

The contest runs for six weeks, starting May 1st and you can enter as many times as you want during that time. Knock yourself out.

Yes, there are rules and regulations. There always is. You need to go to to check them out.

ArcLight’s panel of judges will each be picking finalists once a week during the time period of the contest. They’ll be voting for the winner in the end.

The winning photo means a Lifetime Pass to ArcLight Cinemas for up to three co-creators of that photo. Remember to go to make sure you understand the rules of the contest.

For contest rules Click Here, and by entering the contest, you agree to be bound by these rules.